Birth Star Tree Project

The Travancore Devaswom Board in the forefront of an aforestry scheme

          The Travancore Devaswom Board introducing an innovative project for forestry in Devaswom lands with the participation of the devotees.  There are 1248 temples under the Travancore Devaswom Board from Parassala to North Parur and acres of land available there is unutilised and lay as waste.  The Board decided to protect such lands and make it vigor making use of the land by planting trees with a programme called Birth Star tree planting.

          Every human being born on Earth has some obligation to the world.  He should lead a harmonious life with the nature.  But in modern era the mankind is always trying to ruine the nature for satisfying his selfish attitude.  The ecological study shows that many of the species are being lost.  The climatic change, natural calamities are the examples to the undo actions of man on nature.  Therefore everybody has do at his level best to recoup the strength of the Nature and the Board is trying to give an opportunity to all for participating in the project of planting Birth Star tree of his own in the land and surrounding land of any temple under the Travancore Devaswom Board.

          To plant and preserve the tree of one’s Birth Star is very important as all his life revolves with the position of the Birth Star.  And the regular worship would come all prosperity in one’s life.  The planting of trees that to one’s birth star and its worship is considered devotional according to the astrology.  The United Nations Organisations re-iterate that every activity of a human being should be that of to reduce his carbonfooprint on earth.  It is a scientific fact that the world is being polluted and a solution is urgently needed.

          According to Hinud philosophy and astrology every person born on earth has a Birth Star and all his life experiences is linked with his birth star.  It is   to see that a person born with a birth star has to worship a particular tree, animal and bird and this would lead to better prosperity in his life.  The astrological dictum also shows the need to consider other lives in the world.  The faith of the principles of Hindus are being proved scientifically. When a man plant a tree of any kind, the result would come to the whole world.

          Every devotee could be a member of this Birth star tree planting scheme by selecting a place in anyone of the temple.  The Birth tree of all stars from Aswathy to Revathy are given in the Website of this project www.birthstartree.com

          The devotee shall remit an amount of Rs.100/- per month for three years for planting his Birth Star tree in the temple compound or in the land available in the surroundings of the temple.  The amount of Rs. 1200/- for this purpose shall be remitted annually in advance. He can also remit the amount for three years in lump sum.  The Board shall operate a separate account for this purpose.  There is a website for verifying the stages of the growth of his tree in the temple premises in which the tree was planted.  The revenue received out of this project could be utilised for establishing an Institute of Research and Higher Education on Sanadhana Dharma, other charitable and cultural activities. The devotee who join in this scheme has the right to verify the utilisation of the accounts of the scheme through the website.

          The Board also gives the facility to exhibit the name of the devotee on his tree for 5 years who remit an amount of Rs.10,000/-. The devotees in abroad could join this project by remitting U.S. $ 500/- for planting the Birth star tree and their names shall be written and exhibits on the tree for 10 years.  The devotee could see different stages of the growth of his plant through the website or in person. Any devotee could worship the birth star tree planted in the premises of the temple by doing “Vrikshapooja”.

Details of Birth Star Trees

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